Many Years of ...

Collaborative Expertise & Experience

Crampton Dean is a very experienced developer who focuses on classic architecturally stylish residential projects. We team with clients who want to work together to deliver exceptional results.

We love what we do. The result is seeing buildings finished where everyone involved can be proud of what they have created together. With an underpinning financial management practicality.

We provide everything from finding sites through to completion.
Specialty Factors:

  • Design & finishes to maximise revenue
  • Cost efficiency factors
  • Land site sourcing
  • Site Plan Optimization
  • Architecture & Design
  • Permit maximization
  • Finance
  • Development management
  • Project Marketing

Quality sites match revenue goals. Strategic insights are utilised to create considered master-planning in order to determine the highest and best value for the sites. Development project teams are then established where leading industry professionals are engaged and managed across the essential disciplines and skill sets necessary for successful results. CD’s active specification of artful design with the architects brings an added unique level of creativity and sophistication to their service provision. Skillful implementation of the complexities of modern construction, project management and honed visible finishes follow.

Martin & Grant...

Who We Are

" It’s the first 30 years that are the hardest " ~Grant Dean

Sixty-plus Years Of Experience
Grant and Martin’s specialty is in luxury developments with a passion and recognition for value optimization, honed design, project management, skillful construction and impeccable visible finishes. 

They have a combined sixty-plus years of founders’ experience in advancing the property and construction industry domestically and internationally.

Friends & Colleagues
A famous Australian radio boss once said, “If it doesn’t happen in the hallways, then it doesn’t go up the pole (referring to the transmission antenna)”. Grant and Martin live this maxim. As friends and colleagues of over 30 years, they have a close relationship harking back before their time playing pennant tennis.

Grant has vast experience in design, use of quality materials, construction practices, cost efficiencies, development management and eye for detail.

As a founder of, the World’s first national online real estate website aggregating thousands of real estate agents, Martin has over thirty years’ experience in the property industry across a variety of roles, including development, project management and marketing.

Premium Focus
Together the duo embrace design excellence combined with state of the art architecture and interior design. They reference classical imperatives for longevity with enduring subtle impact. Done in concert with structural and environmental integrity, this approach delivers iconic residences that provide for robust return on endeavour and capital. With the ultimate accolade featuring comfortable living.

Your benefit

We discuss your needs and aims. Then deliver optimised outcomes

We focus on your project’s aims to assist your land or project from a wealth of hands-on expertise & experience.
Your needs might be Design Advice, maximised Permits, Managing Construction Finishes, Joint Ventures & Equity Partnerships.

You might wonder how to put all or any of the various components together to get a project on track and underway, or even completed;
  • Wondering how to maximize the development benefit of your land to achieve the highest and best sale price?
  • Like an experienced eye, practical view-point?
  • Do you own the land and want the best permit so you can sell the land at the best price?
  • Do you own the land and want to develop it?
  • Do you want to acquire the land and only have a partial deposit?
  • Do you have a permit and need project assistance?
  • Need finance?

Our success comes from a focus on delivering optimised and expeditious outcomes. This is done through our respected breadth of experince & alignment with quality industry professionals to match your individual needs.

Integrated Components Comprise

  • Due diligence and feasibility studies
  • Master planning schemes identifying “highest and best use”
  • Off market acquisition specialisation
  • Town Planning (Permit) Approval experts
  • Project design development
  • Architects
  • Project managers overseeing project design development and delivery.
  • Structural, Civil, ESD, Electrical hydraulic & related services
  • Accounting and auditing.
  • Property Legal experts, appropriate for contract, sales contracts, construction documentation and finance security
  • Strategic Marketing, implementation and delivery of project.
  • Successful outcomes.
  • Extensive access to professional project marketing expertise & channels.

Crampton Dean are passionate about their projects...

Body Of Work

A multitude of A grade projects across Toorak and South Yarra as well as Malvern and Armadale’s elite addresses that include;
St. George’s Rd, Toorak
Linlithgow and Towers Rds, Toorak
Springfield Ave, Toorak
Murphy and Avoca streets, South Yarra
Sydney’s Darling Point,
Port Douglas’ Flagstaff Hill,
Paris’ Mortparnasse is also on the CV with
Mortefontaine near-by Roissy Charles de Gaulle (France).

The high-density Urban Design Industry Awards award-winning $80M “Lakehouse” and “Marina apartments” were sold-out prior to completion.